2020 Marketing Trends Guaranteed to Surprise You

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo turns up the heat as she unveils what’s REALLY “in” in 2020 for marketing trends. This one will definitely surprise you!

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2020 Marketing Trends Episode Summary:

Welcome to this episode of the Marketing Personalities Podcast. I’m Brit Kolo and today… well, based on the title of this episode, you’d think I’d be going through all the flashy marketing trends for 2020. 

Like soooo many other marketing gurus are doing right now. 

But… you know me better than that. 

If you’ve been listening to this podcast for a while, you know I’m really NOT into trends. But maybe you’re brand new around here, somehow you clicked on a few links and found yourself here and are actually excited to learn about what to expect in 2020 when it comes to marketing. 

Sorry, not sorry – I’m not exactly going to give you a rundown of all the flashy marketing trends coming at you in the New Year. 

In fact, I’m going to do the exact opposite. 

But before we get there, let me tee this up for you. Because I wasn’t originally going to record this episode. It was not in my content calendar – I was actually going re-air my favorite episode of 2019 this week (Episode #98 if you’re curious, which was a Q&A episode where I answered a bunch of common questions from listeners). 

But then, I came across a podcast episode from a podcaster I regularly follow, all about how and why he is investing in video in 2020. This episode was just next in my queue so while I was semi-listening and grocery shopping (yes, i’m definitely one of those people) this episode started playing. 

And although I was only half-listening to the podcast episode prior to this one, about 90 seconds into this episode about investing in video, I was on full alert, listening to every word. 

Why? Because it was really good strategy? Uhhh no. Nope, that wasn’t it. 

I was listening so intently because this episode was just dripppppiinnnggg in shoulds. Telling me and anyone else who listened that VIDEO was the way to go in 2020 and if you weren’t planning to invest heavily in video marketing in 2020, you’d very literally ruin your business. 

Now, before I go any further about this episode, listen – I’m not here to pick on this podcaster. At all. He genuinely feels good about video and he’s just trying to help his listeners out. He obviously doesn’t know about marketing personality types yet, but hey, I’ll get to him eventually. 

And it’s funny because I’ve listened to this guy for months and he’s said he’s an ESTP personality type so, YES video WOULD BE GREAT for him! Kudos for finding something that feels good to you, man! 

BUT. This is the kind of advice that is keeping people STUCK. 

This content that’s telling you YOU MUST INVEST IN VIDEO OR YOU’LL KILL YOUR BUSINESS. And you have to be thinking about video for alllllll the platforms. And you better be allocating a big percentage of your budget to this one thing or you’re going to lose in 2020. 

Mind you, this was the same person a few months prior was saying basically the same things about hosting events. 

And again, that’s FINE for him. 

BUT that’s not fine for everyone. 

Now, can you hear the emotion in my voice right now? This is how charged I get when stuff like this comes across my earbuds or my computer screen. These intense, desperate, demeaning shoulds. 

Now, consider the fact that I was in the grocery store, specifically in the milk aisle – yes, this was so traumatic I remember exactly where I was when I started to get so heated about this. And it was then that I knew I HAD to do my best to set the record straight at these so-called “2020 marketing trends.”

Because they’re incredibly misleading. 

Now, don’t mis-hear me. Knowing the trends isn’t totally worthless. If video is part of your best marketing strategy based on your marketing personality type and using video in your content strategy feels good for you, by all means, take a look at the VIDEO marketing trends and learn what you can so you can leverage those videos the best. 

But until you know what your best marketing strategy is, based on your personality type, trends will only make you feel small, unworthy, overwhelmed, less-than, incapable, fake, and salesy. 

Because, sure, for a vibrant ESTP who just loves the camera, yup, leveraging and investing in video makes total sense. But for a grounded INFJ who hates the camera but would do anything to write books, this constant message that VIDEO is the only way to grow your business in 2020 is hurtful – not helpful. 

Because at the core of marketing, what I know to be true and see to be true every single day is:

When I feel good, my audience feels good. 


When I feel good, my audience feels good. 

When I show up feeling good in whatever marketing strategy I choose, my audience will respond positively to it. 

On the flip side, when I show up feeling fake and salesy because I’m trying to implement a strategy that does NOT feel good to me, my audience leans out, steps away, reacts negatively to it. 

And let me be super clear – this is definitely NOT just about video. I’ve been talking about video because that’s what this jarring podcast episode was focused on. But this “marketing trend” issue really runs the gamot.

I mean, you can find plenty of people out there telling you that in 2020 PODCASTING is the thing to do, or self-publishing on amazon is definitely the way to go, or cracking down on your SEO strategy, or going all in on Instagram, or hey Twitter’s coming back you’ll really want to put your eggs int hat basket, and ya know LinkedIn really worked for this person over here the past few months so they’ll tell you LinkedIn is where it’s AT in 2020. 

And something else I saw recently that got me to stop scrolling and really consider – 

I was on Instagram, scrolling through some posts, and found a super prominent online business guru share the 10 things she’d do right now if she had to start all over in business. And ya know, it was an okay list, I guess, pretty general until I got down to #10 where it said “MASTER VIDEO. VIDEO = KING!”

I am not picking on this business leader. This is a super helpful list for some people. And I’m not picking on video. Video feels so good for some personality types and them I say, YES MASTER VIDEO! 

But come ON. Positioning any marketing tactic like the end-all-be-all-if you don’t do this you’re screwed… I’m just so over it. 

Can you tell? 

So as we all step into 2020, what I’d like to invite you to do is think less about the “marketing trends” and more about what marketing feels good to you. 

It’s so simple. It really is. When I feel good, my audience feels good. 

Find marketing that feels good for you – I’ve made that super freaking simple at marketingpersonalities.com – I’ll literally tell you what marketing that feels good looks like for you for free. No-brainer stuff here. 

And then give THAT a genuine shot. 

One more time because this is what’s holding a lot of you back. 

Give your best marketing strategy a genuine shot. 

See, because I’ve been handing out best marketing strategies based on personality type for a year and a half now. And lots of people technically know their best marketing strategy because they went to marketingpersonalities.com, found out, thought oh wow that’s super cool, that would definitely feel good for me! Woohoo! 

And of course some people have fully implemented that feel-good marketing strategy and have seen it’s incredible results – I’ve showcased some of those people right here on this show. 

But a lot of you have one foot in the boat. And one foot on the dock. 

The boat could sail you into feel-good marketing and attracting the best clients and customers solely through showing up and feeling good about it – no fake and salesy tactics involved. 

But you’ve got that one foot on the dock of what everyone else is doing to grow their businesses, and considering what that one podcaster told you to do, and following this course that shows you how to market and it feels really icky and complicated to you but maybe you should…. 

And nothing’s really working that well. You’re getting by, but eh. You’re still not where you want to be. 

Why? Because you’re stuck with one foot in the boat and one foot on the dock. 

So all I can really do now is encourage you to get in the boat. Commit to marketing your business in a way that feels good to you – regardless of trends – and watch the results come in. This doesn’t happen in a week, guys. I encourage you to commit to your feel-good marketing strategy at least for 90 days. You’ve got to let it have time to do some work, right. But just 90 days. Commit to it. Give it a genuine shot and I expect you to never look back at the dock dripping in shoulds again. 

So, probably not what you expected from a podcast titled “2020 Marketing Trends” but hey, I did warn you it’d be surprising. 

Now, if you really vibed with this episode, I’d love for you to share it with an entrepreneur friend of yours. This is the kind of content that wakes people up, out of their marketing overwhelm and gets them to realize there’s a better, more effective way to do things. 

So I’d so appreciate a genuine share. 

And to finish up, hey, it’s the last episode of 2019. Going out with a bang, eh? 

Thank you for listening, whether this was your first episode (what a doozy to start with, eh?) or your 140th, I’m so grateful to have you here. 

I’ll catch you back here next week – the very first episode of 2020 – where I’ll be giving you a rundown of my plans for this podcast and the Marketing  Personalities brand moving into this new year and new decade. Big stuff is brewing, as always. So I’ll talk to you then!