Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs Based on Personality Type

In this episode of Marketing Personalities, Brit Kolo offers up gift ideas for the entrepreneurs in your life – your business friends, your clients, yourSELF – based on your Marketing Personality Type!

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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs Based on Personality Type –


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2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs Episode Summary:

Welcome to this special Holiday Edition of the Marketing Personalities Podcast! I’m Brit Kolo and today is going to be SO fun – I’m going to be giving you gift ideas for the favorite entrepreneurs in your life – your business friends, your clients, yourSELF – and of course, the entire list is categorized by Marketing Personality Type!

Throughout the episode, you’ll hear me list off a bunch of products and no doubt, you’ll want to go find that product online. No sweat – I’ve made this super easy for you. Simply go to to get the full list of gift recommendations categorized by personality type, with pictures of the products and links to go straight to the website to purchase. So easy, right? So that list is at and it’s linked right in the show notes for this episode so whatever app you’re listening in right now, click that link and you’ll be taken straight to the list of products.

Now, before we get rolling, I have to be clear – Marketing Personalities does not represent any of these products I’m about to tell you about. None of them have paid to be a part of this list upfront. These are just genuine recommendations based on what I expect entrepreneurs to love receiving this holiday, based on their personality type. And yes, some of the links you’ll find at are affiliate links, meaning if you click them and buy on that website, Marketing Personalities might earn a little bit of cash money for sending you to that website to buy. It doesn’t cost you anything, as the consumer, and Marketing Personalities gets a little thank you for the work we’ve done on curating this list. Win-win!

Alright, let’s get this rolling, shall we?

I’m going to start with the Explorer Tribe of personality types this time! I usually start with the Analyst Tribe and the Explorers usually end up being last, for no other reason than that’s the order I usually have things set up in, but hey, Explorers, you’re up first this time! Yay!


ISTP Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Always up for a brain-based challenge, ISTPs would love a fun board game or puzzle to enjoy after the holiday festivities have died down. They’re also master tinkerers, always having a project going, a little list of things to play with the next time they get into their workshop or sit down at their craft table. 

Click to see the ISTP Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ISFP Gifts for Entrepreneurs

No doubt the ISFP has their next trip in mind. Fund their travel and feed their adventuring soul!

Click to see the ISFP Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ESTP Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Not to over-simplify things, but honestly, meal and a referral – your ESTP is happy.

Click to see the ESTP Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ESFP Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Something funny and unexpected will make your ESFP’s day. They’re also always up for a great, creative experience. And don’t forget their invite to your NYE bash!

Click to see the ESFP Gifts for Entrepreneurs!


ISTJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Unwavering from tradition, ISTJs would love it if you just get them what you always get them. If this is your first gifting, stick to minimalistic efficiency-helping tools.

Click to see the ISTJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ISFJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Really, ISFJs just want a day off with zero guilt tacked on.

Click to see the ISFJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ESTJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Save your ESTJ time by gifting them a subscription to something you know they already love. Maybe they’re into healthy food – a meal subscription service would be ideal for them. Or help them other efficiency-minded products like…

Click to see the ESTJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ESFJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs

It’s all about setting the scene for your ESFJ, so help dress space, making it be more cozy and comfortable.

Click to see the ESFJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs!


INFJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs

It’s winter, people. Let the INFJ enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts.

Click to see the INFJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

INFP Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Make sure your gift holds special meaning or supports a great cause for your INFP. Buy-one-give-one campaigns are ideal for this.

Click to see the INFP Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ENFJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Not ones to be overly flashy but still wanting to be super cool, go for the classic, understated gift for an ENFJ. Bonus points if it helps them be more effective in their day-to-day.

Click to see the ENFJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ENFP Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Small, thoughtful gifts are great for ENFPs, but if you really want to show your appreciation, spend an afternoon or evening with them, eating and chatting!

Click to see the ENFP Gifts for Entrepreneurs!


INTJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Engage the INTJ’s creativity. Let them play! Also, a good witty pun goes a long way with this type.

Click to see the INTJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

INTP Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Stoke the INTP’s need for learning and intellectual discovery.

Click to see the INTP Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ENTJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Take what the ENTJ has and upgrade it, accessorize it, make it that much better. Bonus points if you put their logo on it.

Click to see the ENTJ Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

ENTP Gifts for Entrepreneurs

Anything you choose, the ENTP is liable to challenge. Gift cards are the safest bet, you usually can’t go wrong with buying exactly what they’ve asked for, and whatever you do, include a gift receipt!

Click to see the ENTP Gifts for Entrepreneurs!

And that concludes our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs podcast episode! That was soooo fun! Wasn’t it?

Go find the full list of products, including all the links you need to purchase and get these gifts shipped out to your favorite entrepreneurs on time at 

And I’ll catch you back here next week with a great Case Study episode with an ISFP personality type! Talk to you then!