15 Types of Lead Magnets That Don’t Include a PDF Download

A lead magnet doesn’t have to be a PDF download! Here are 15 other types of lead magnets your ideal customers might love to receive from you.

  1. A mini video course
  2. An audio series
  3. Access to a private Facebook Group
  4. Access to a private Slack Channel
  5. A live webinar training
  6. A recorded webinar training
  7. VIP access to your Resource Library
  8. A discount code
  9. A free product upgrade
  10. A chance to win a giveaway prize
  11. A 1:1 call with you
  12. A copy of your book
  13. A swag item (i.e a branded coffee mug, tote bag, sticker, etc.)
  14. A challenge
  15. A quiz

Now that you’ve decided your lead magnet WON’T be a PDF download…

Find out what lead magnet is best for your Marketing Personality Type!

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15 types of lead magnets that are not PDF downloads! A blog post from MarketingPersonalities.com