088 Letting Go of Perfection with Danait Berhe

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Danait Berhe, Branding and Marketing Strategist at Heart & Vine Creative. Danait helps her clients strategize their branding, website, and marketing. Learn how she is leaning into her ENFJ personality type to show up naturally for her clients and grow as a business owner.

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  • Getting her degree in Biochemistry on track to go to Med School
  • Working at a retail job to put herself through school and working her way up to marketing through opportunities from her managers by asking questions
  • Working with large brands like American Eagle, Loft, and Aerie on store design strategy and sales strategy
  • Realizing that she was more interested in working for herself in the Marketing industry and pivoting that way
  • Actually starting her first business in 6th grade designing bookmarks for her classmates, becoming successful enough to hire friends to help her run the business, and negotiating sharing 30% of her profits with her school to stay in business
  • Between 6th grade and college, math and science came easily to her and that combined with her value of caring for people and hearing their stories med school was something that she naturally gravitated toward
  • Speaking with doctors to get a feel for their lifestyle and realizing what she wanted to go into medicine for and the lifestyle she wanted to live didn’t match up with that
  • Feeling uncertain and playing small when she first started her business
  • Announcing to her personal network to say she was open for business and to ask for referrals
  • Getting her first client from a small membership group she was part of in her first week of being open
  • Recognizing that what you need to learn as an entrepreneur is in the trenches of your business
  • Trying things and not being afraid to try them to see what works and knowing that it’s an experiment and tweaking from there
  • Showing up on podcasts and Instagram stories
  • Gaining energy from networking events and connecting with people through providing immense value as an ENFJ
  • Educating her clients and empowering them to grow and succeed beyond her as a core value of her ENFJ personality type


“Let go of the idea of perfection.” – Danait Berhe