086 Redefining Online Conferences with Kyrsten Sherwood

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Kyrsten Sherwood, Founder of The Modern Conference and Launch, Brand, Grow Communty. Kyrsten helps business owners host conferences and summits online. Learn how she has embraced her INFP personality type to pivot and grow a business that is redefining online conferences in a way that is fully aligned with her as a business owner and benefits the people she serves.

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  • Retiring Copper Kettle Co, a branding and web design agency, to focus on The Modern Conference and Launch, Brand, Grow Community exclusively
  • Launch, Brand, Grow is a membership community full of entrepreneurs where the members themselves are the leader
  • Each month a member hosts a mini-Mastermind in their area of expertise for the community
  • Doing it this way adds a TON of value to the community itself, but also helps to establish the spotlighted member as an expert in their industry
  • Allowing Kyrsten to take a step away from being in the spotlight, which is super aligned with her INFP personality type
  • The Modern Conference idea was sparked in trying to find alignment in business by launching her first virtual summit to the tune of $24,000
  • Deciding to host a second summit, and realizing they needed systems in order to run these summits efficiently and with WAY less stress
  • Running her third conference from the mindset of turning into a revenue stream by streamlining the systems of running an online summit to make it easy for other entrepreneurs to do the same
  • Online conferences benefit the hosts through monetization, email list growth, and networking with speakers to grow your community and confidence as a business owner
  • They benefit the speakers through community growth, affiliate commissions from the all access pass sales, and standing out as an expert in their area of expertise
  • They benefit the attendees by providing free quality content from speakers with the option of a low-priced all access pass to be able to revisit the summit materials once it’s over
  • Money is made from the all access pass sales, sponsorships, affiliate programs, and an upsell at the end of the summit
  • Seeing a ripple effect to her other offerings after each summit – Aligning how you want to do business with hosting a summit


“Make sure your summit has a very specific takeaway.”