083 Leaning Into What You Like To Do with Jenny Suneson

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Jenny Suneson, Founder of Confetti Social and Host of The Savvy Social Hour Podcast. Jenny is a Pinterest Strategist and Social Media Manager Coach for aspiring social media managers. Learn how she is leaning into what fuels her in business and teaching others along the way.

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  • Starting Confetti Social as a side hustle to her corporate job
  • Quitting her full time job within six months of founding Confetti Social
  • Spending the first few months as a general social media strategist/manager, mainly focusing on Pinterest and Instagram with some Facebook clients
  • Finding Instagram to be draining
  • Niching into being a Pinterest strategist
  • Providing others that wanted to get into social media management with coaching along the way which has grown into an arm of her business
  • Touting the crucial difference between Instagram and Pinterest – one is a community builder and one is a traffic driver
  • If community and relationship building is part of your best marketing strategy based on your personality type, Instagram is going to be a better use of your own time, and hiring out people like Jenny to handle Pinterest is the way to go
  • If sales funnels and the technical aspect of things are part of your best marketing strategy, Pinterest is going to be where you should focus more energy
  • Getting her first couple of clients within one month of launching Confetti Social
  • Starting to coach other people to become social media managers about a year after going full time in her business
  • Gaining clients within a Facebook group for bloggers, and beginning to grow her business through referrals from those clients
  • Running two different Facebook groups to serve both arms of her audience and tailor her content and services better, which totally makes sense for her INFJ personality type
  • Looking ahead at launching either a course or a membership site and launching a new brand called Uplevel Your Biz with her business bestie in 2019


“Don’t try to do everything all at once”