082 Blending Intuition with Validation with Kim Wensel

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Kim Wensel, Founder and Brand Strategist at Pattern of Purpose. Kim is a brand strategist for entrepreneurs and small businesses who want to scale and want to know that what they’re building will sell. Kim helps her clients attract the right people, make their brands stand out in a crowded marketplace, and turn their digital presence into a marketing machine. Learn how she is taking a holistic approach to branding by blending her clients’ intuition with validation from their ideal customers.

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  • Working through two graduate degrees at the same time in Social Work and Public Health
  • Feeling unfulfilled by her “dream job”
  • Starting a wedding planning business based on relationships with the vendors from her own wedding
  • Growing her business through referrals while working full time at her day job
  • Realizing her heart wasn’t in wedding planning around the same time she was looking for new opportunities in her formal career
  • Starting Pattern of Purpose by helping women pivot in their careers
  • Pivoting her business into what it is now using her own processes and letting it be easy
  • Understanding that when things feel right and aligned in your business, marketing then becomes so natural
  • Helping her clients understand themselves better as part of her process
  • As an ENFP her marketing personality brilliance is blending her client’s intuition with validation from their ideal clients to give them the confidence to move forward
  • Focusing on deepening her connection with her clients over scaling and growth in 2019
  • Enjoying her work with business owners who are working B2C
  • Gaining confidence in her work after hearing crickets from her inner circle by asking herself whose opinion she truly needed to hear


“Understand the value that you bring through your clients’ eyes.”