080 Shifting from Offline to Online Business with Ali Zabel

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Ali Zabel, The Naptime MomBoss at AliZabel.com Ali is a business coach for moms with kids between the prenatal stage and age five. Learn how she is helping moms start and grow their dream businesses during naptime.

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  • Going to business school and picturing her life as being the woman who would stay “on track” with her corporate career when she was ready to have kids
  • Owning and operating a boutique personal training studio with her sister when she had her son and realizing the hours just weren’t working for her or her family
  • Combining her background as an entrepreneur and her role as a new mom to create this business as a way to fill a need for herself as well as other moms
  • Starting to build her business as a lifestyle brand, but quickly realizing that moms really needed to learn how to harness the little bit of time they actually had to work to be productive
  • Hiring a business coach to help her learn the ropes of taking her brick and mortar experience online
  • Getting her first couple of clients by focusing on marketing and setting up her funnels
  • Taking the 3 hour chunk of time during her son’s nap to work on her business, setting a schedule for that time to make sure she is able to spend time in her business and taking care of the house
  • Making sure she does at least one thing each day to move her business forward, even on the unpredictable days
  • Making the mindset shift that having her son has made her build a stronger business because she has to do what she can with the time she versus thinking about it from the perspective of “only” having so much time to work on her business
  • Focusing on her Prenatal Powerhouse program to help women who are pregnant or think about starting their families to work on that mindset shift right now
  • Suggesting meditation and journaling to new moms out there to start processing the emotions and hormones going on to work through everything and start gaining some clarity on what direction to head next


“Just keep going”