079 Developing a Premium Group Experience with Jenny Shih

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Jenny Shih, Business Coach for online, service-based entrepreneurs at JennyShih.com. Jenny runs a program called Make It Work Online which is in-depth, highly personalized group coaching to help women earn a solid living from their online, service-based business without working crazy hours. Learn how she has listened to her clients and her intuition to uplevel her program as she grows.

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  • Deciding it was time to start a group coaching program after working with a lot of 1:1 clients and realizing the results her clients were seeing were repeatable and something she would be able to do in a group format
  • Clients started seeing better results in the group program versus working with her 1:1 because of the energy created between group members
  • Asking herself what she could do better after each run of the program ended
  • Bringing in copy coaches to help her reach more women and still offer the same intimate feedback and coaching she had been offering previously
  • Training the copy coaches to train more copy coaches, hiring business coaches and support coaches so that every single program participant were able to have their own coaches assigned to them
  • Giving her clients the opportunity to talk on the phone with their coaches in the 2019 run of Make It Work Online
  • Giving a high level evolution of her program growth to show listeners that you can’t compare your first or second run to her ninth:
  • Starting with webinars, then free group coaching
  • Feeling it in her body that it was time to uplevel – she started producing launch videos and running Facebook ads with huge budgets
  • Recognizing that gut feeling of being ready to uplevel, and doing the personal work to make it happen before doing that work in her business
  • How being an INTJ affects how she lives life and runs her business


“You can handle whatever gets thrown your way.”