078 Creating Space for Life in Business with Sarah Peck

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Sarah Peck, Founder of Startup Pregnant. Sarah helps women share their stories and learn how to do meaningful work while serving the people that matter most to them. Learn how she is working to inspire and connect a community of women to re-think and re-imagine what parenting, entrepreneurship, work, and motherhood looks like.

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  • Getting her Master’s degree in architecture and learning to design in the context of how people live their lives
  • Working in landscape architecture after college
  • Wanting to write and talk about design, so she started her own online magazine using social media which was fairly new at the time to do it
  • Teaching and consulting about social media strategy and writing online
  • Creating courses on writing and thought leadership
  • Talking with the CEO of the startup she was working at when starting to try for her first baby and working with him to figure out how to navigate pregnancy and maternity leave
  • Juggling new motherhood and her career was way harder than she had anticipated
  • Realizing that if it felt that hard with the privileges and biases she had in her favor, how hard must it be for other women?
  • Founding Startup Pregnant looked like writing a book about her story at first, but as she started interviewing other women for the book, she realized these stories were better served publicly, in a podcast
  • Getting sponsors for the podcast to cover the operating costs, and realizing that she had inadvertently made a business
  • Wanting to make a profit in the business, which led her to launch a mastermind to go deeper with some of the women in her community
  • Recognizing the power niching down with a small audience
  • Growing her audience by showing up in places that her content and services would be valuable
  • Going on a podcast tour by reaching out and offering up interesting and relevant stories to different audiences
  • Guest blogging about specific topics relevant to women entrepreneurs and pregnancy
  • Going deep through writing as an INFJ
  • Using her maternity leave as a litmus test for the integrity of her business
  • Working twice as hard before taking a break is not the best solution and creating systems that can run without her
  • Asking herself “do I need to be there, and if I’m not there, what does it look like instead?”


“Working twice as hard before you take a break isn’t the best solution.”