076 Growing Your Business and Yourself with Stacy Fischer

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Stacy Fischer, Founder, Business & Life Coach at The W Collective. Stacy coaches co-founder female entrepreneurs. Learn how she is focusing on the duality of systems and self care for herself and her clients in her coaching practice.

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  • Working for a non-profit at the time her boyfriend at the time (now husband) wanted to start an industrial design product business
  • Co-founding that business and running the behind-the-scenes ‘business’ side while he worked on the industrial design products
  • Growing the business through getting married, having children, and expanding
  • Stepping back from her main role that business and more into coaching at The W Collective
  • Going to The Life Coach School to become certified as a life coach
  • Coaching her first few clients for free
  • Receiving her first payment as a coach from a client she had coached for free at first
  • Gaining new clients through referrals from there
  • Looking ahead to a 6 week program about systems and self care in Q4
  • Recognizing that coaching her clients 1:1 is her sweet spot
  • Helping her clients understand that they cannot control their partner or co-founder and learning how to navigate compromise
  • Taking the time to live the life she wants to live with her family while running the business
  • Creating boundaries to protect her time with her family
  • Being okay with enforcing those boundaries
  • Giving advice for female co-founders out there not to put your own expectations for yourselves onto your partners, and to truly hear and listen to what they are communicating to you


“It’s okay to be exactly where you are on this journey.”