075 Nurturing Your Network with Maggie Patterson

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Maggie Patterson, Podcast Host of the Small Business Boss podcast, Master Level Content Marketer from Copy Blogger, and Principal Consultant at Scoop Studios. Maggie helps her clients by making content easy so they can focus on their talents. She also is a mentor and runs a year long mastermind program through Small Business Boss. Learn how she is nurturing her network relationships to grow her business and empower other female business owners along the way.

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  • Having a lifelong entrepreneurship mindset from the age of 7 through today
  • Working at a PR agency after college and thinking of it as her training to start her own business
  • Building her personal brand into Scoop Studios
  • Evolving into offering mentorship and masterminding after being asked about the nuts and bolts of her business regularly
  • Feeling resistance to the mentorship role because she loved being a consultant
  • Realizing that she could run her mentorship and consultancy concurrently
  • Earning her first dollar by letting her personal network know she was starting her business, and receiving her first client through a referral from that network
  • Making a point of keeping in touch and nurturing relationships with past clients to get referrals for new clients or work with those past clients again
  • Continuing to network through out her business
  • Crafting a stellar client experience and cultivating that relationship during and after her work is done
  • Hiring her sister on as a full time employee to help her do all the things and feeling the financial stress and fear
  • Utilizing LinkedIn to recapture and reactivate previous professional contacts
  • Focusing on generating recurring revenue in her agency this Fall, and exploring new Small Business Boss offerings for 2019
  • Finding inspiration through empowering the women in her mastermind
  • Dropping some advice on where to focus to help your content strategy work better for you like figuring out which skills you need to work on


“You’ve got this!”