074 Investing in Strategic Growth with Megan Seeley

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Megan Seeley, Anti-Productivity Coach at The Goal Designer. Megan helps her clients pick their perfect paper planner and then teaches them how to use it consistently. Learn how she has niched down, invested wisely, and grown within her first year of business.

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  • Starting her business one year ago and spending the first 6 months trying to figure out who her dream client was and how her story related to those clients
  • Spending the last 6 months honing in on exactly how to use her productivity coaching skills to serve her dream clients
  • Figuring out that creatives weren’t who she loved to serve, and that moms who were entrepreneurs was pretty close, but not exactly a narrative she vibed with, before realizing that moms who spend so much time serving their families and no time serving themselves were her dreamy clients
  • Taking stock of one specific thing she wanted to work on and choosing programs and coaches that could help with those things
  • Vetting those people and programs she was interested in, and grabbing all of the free resources before deciding to invest
  • Breaking down the difference between spending money on a program and investing money in a program (hint: if you’re spending and not investing, you’re probably procrastinating)
  • Deciding whether a monetary ROI or a strategic growth based ROI is most important to you in the moment you’re investing
  • Connecting and getting close to leaders in order to observe and decide how to position herself to become that caliber of a leader as well
  • Being an ISFJ, she really loves organization, using templates and step by step action plans to create forward momentum
  • Coaching itself is a template – they are helping you take the next step and are there to course correct when you’re straying from the path which is SO helpful because business doesn’t have a universal manual to success
  • Her biggest takeaway in the first year of business is finding that combination of focus and service that allows her to show up authentically and allow her audience to vet her the way she has done with her mentors
  • Starting a Facebook group and having that be the one place to focus on the audience that have raised their hands to be in her space has made it easier to show up and create connections
  • Listening to the conversations happening within her group leads the content she creates and allows her to relax knowing she is creating what will resonate with her audience
  • Launched a quiz to help people start to hone in on their perfect planner type
  • Opening up a group coaching program to give her clients a space to explore how to use their planners consistently, and to help one another by drawing from their own experiences
  • Looking back at the past year and feeling very powerful to know that she created something that doesn’t really exist elsewhere and refined it to a point where she is able to impact people’s lives


“Don’t be afraid to play and experiment to find your thing.”