073 Reflecting on Her Second Year in Business with Brit Kolo

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit talks solo about her 2nd year in business. Listen in as Brit reflects on the key takeaways from her experiences in this 2nd year and gives a peek into what’s next heading into her 3rd year in business.

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  • Growing up in a small town, leaving for college, then coming right back to her hometown
  • Working in a thriving physical therapy practice as a fitness coach
  • Discovering a love for marketing through working her way up in the practice
  • Learning about what it takes to be a leader and an entrepreneur
  • Taking the leap into full time entrepreneurship with zero clients
  • Understanding why some entrepreneurs fizzle out within their first two years of business
  • Reflecting on the huge life stuff that happened during her second year in business like getting engaged, moving in with her fianc├ę, purchasing an income property, and turning her previous house into a second income property
  • Busting through mindset blocks around worthiness and realizing that the big life stuff has had an impact on her business growth
  • Meeting Jordan Gill via a one day mastermind experience that opened her eyes to the way others view marketing
  • Redefining marketing to show others how it can feel good and natural instead of fake and salesy
  • Joining a full-on mastermind and leaving other groups that felt less collaborative and open to be what she needed it to be
  • Worrying about walking into a mastermind as the “weak link” and feeling like she wouldn’t be able to contribute to the group in a meaningful way (spoiler alert: this was not true at all!)
  • Finding a higher level of her own self-worth through the mastermind experience
  • Starting to recognize patterns in her 1:1 clients on what worked and didn’t work in terms of marketing
  • Entering a personal growth vortex from there to learn how to make the ask for help getting what she wanted vs trying to make it happen on her own
  • Making a big ask every day during the month of April which shifted her mindset and created connections that wouldn’t have otherwise been there
  • Connecting the dots between personality types and marketing strategies that worked for them and creating MarketingPersonalities.com
  • Making progress during her second year in business didn’t feel like hard work, even though she did put in a lot of hard work
  • Being vulnerable, open, and willing to receive opportunities were the biggest drivers of her growth in the past year
  • Allowing things vs forcing things to happen and giving up a bit of control was the biggest takeaway for her second year in business
  • Feeling called to empower you to be the person you actually are at your core and shedding the rest of the world’s expectations for you
  • Leaning fully into Marketing Personalities heading into her third year in business
  • Creating a content strategy for the next 12 months to solidify the concepts for Marketing Personalities
  • Publishing two weekly blog posts on one topic each month
  • Hosting a webinar during the third week of each month to dive further into that marketing concept which will only be relevant for certain personality types
  • Building out the Marketing Personalities content to give free value right now, then packaging it up to sell as a tool in her online shop to be able to serve people well into the future


“Better things come when you allow things to happen than when you force things to happen”