072 Simplifying Social Media with Andréa Jones

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Andréa Jones, Social Media Strategist at OnlineDrea.com. Andréa offers her clients a done-for-you social media strategy with implementation for podcasters. Learn how she is transforming the way business owners use social media to increase their podcast download numbers and connect with their audiences.

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  • Working in Spa Management in Atlanta and knowing she wanted to work in Social Media from her experience in a marketing internship during college
  • Marrying her husband and moving to Toronto before starting her business
  • Writing blog content for clients and working with one person who wanted social media help, which allowed Andréa to experiment and hone her skills
  • Earning her first five dollars as a Social Media Strategist through Fiverr, starting with one Facebook Post for $5
  • Continuing to stand out on Fiverr and Upwork by doing exceptional work and using those avenues as lead generation for higher paying work
  • Moving from Fiverr and Upwork as lead generation to signing new clients based on referrals
  • Finding a niche in podcasting, and specifically helping them gain more listeners and downloads through social media
  • Launching her membership site, The Savvy Social School that helps podcasters and business owners understand what they need to do on social media without taking up their whole day
  • Looking forward to the holiday season on social media and diving more into teaching others how she helps her clients and the systems she has created to do it efficiently
  • Talking about how to repurpose podcast content, and using a tool like MeetEdgar or SmarterQueue to create a queue of past content to post
  • Finding inspiration through freedom in her work, lifestyle, and things that are creative outlets that energize her
  • INTP Myers-Briggs personality type


“Build up your tribe because you can’t do it alone.”