071 Living Big in a Small Town with Rebecca Undem

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Rebecca Undem, National Speaker at RebeccaUndem.com and Author of the book How Mommy Got Her Groove Back. Rebecca is a public speaker, inspiring women and mothers in small communities to live big in a small town. Learn how she is leaning into her superpowers as an ENFJ and how she is helping other women in small towns do the same.

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  • Working for a talent management company doing leadership training prior to shifting into being a public speaker
  • Graduating from college seeking a clear path of success to ‘climb the ladder’
  • Working her way up from the back room at a bank in mortgage services to getting all of her mortgage licensing
  • Getting married after college and moving to Montana with her husband to work at a big bank
  • Finding out working for a large corporation wasn’t what she thought it would be, and crying herself to work every day
  • Discovering a way out of her corporate life by helping her mom start and market a pumpkin patch on their farm in her hometown
  • Going from her husband working for the government and her working for a large bank to being self-employed farmers within two weeks of starting the pumpkin patch
  • Finding out she was pregnant with her first child two days before leaving the bank
  • Attending Dale Carnegie sessions for her job at the bank and being inspired by the way one of her facilitators spoke and commanded the room
  • Reaching out to have a coffee chat with that facilitator
  • Getting accepted to be a Dale Carnegie Training facilitator
  • Taking a job that was created for her because she was craving financial stability and benefits at the time as a new mother
  • Figuring out that the best way for her to be there for her family, for her clients, and for herself was to allow herself to be fully herself
  • Starting a blog and finding that her stories were resonating with her audience
  • Meeting her speaking coach who was also an author
  • Writing her book and honing her public speaking skill with her coach for a year
  • Feeling isolated in her small community
  • Launching her group coaching program and being very proud of that, but finding she really needed to plant her stake back into speaking
  • Feeling her best when she is hosting and speaking at an event
  • Finding inspiration through realizing that being a highly sensitive person is her superpower as an ENFJ and helping other women uncover those realizations about themselves.


“Start with the thing you feel most gifted doing.”