069 Pivoting from Services to Products with Tracy Bech

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Tracy Bech, Founder of peeLUX and Good Path Consulting. Tracy is a serial entrepreneur, currently helping clients as a business consultant as well as growing the peeLUX brand, helping women use the restroom while wearing shapewear. Learn how she is using her wealth of knowledge and business experience to revolutionize shapewear use for women.

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  • Working with a large web development agency during the Dot Com era
  • Getting bit by the entrepreneurial bug
  • Being hired by her first client, a former co-worker
  • Leaving her 9-5 to form her own agency
  • Shifting the business model from client-based web development to an e-commerce platform selling jewelry
  • Selling the jewelry business within 30 days to focus on her family
  • Having surgery to repair severe diastasis recti after pregnancy
  • Wearing shapewear during the healing process and realizing there was nothing on the market that allowed women to use the restroom while wearing shapewear
  • Being inspired by her husband to bring her peeLUX invention to market
  • Applying her previous e-commerce experience to position the product where people are already purchasing their shapewear
  • Pivoting into wholesale and transitioning the direct to consumer piece off of Amazon alone but also to their own website


“Invest in yourself and your own personal development.”