066 Empowering Women Through Design with Sensi Graves

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Sensi Graves, Owner and Designer of Sensi Graves Bikinis. Sensi is a multipassionate entrepreneur who sells badass bikinis, competes in kiteboarding competitions, writes content for kiteboarding magazines, and hosts women’s kiteboarding camps. Learn how she is empowering women in water sports to lead a healthy lifestyle with a bikini that stays put and gives back.

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  • Learning about kiteboarding in the Outer Banks in North Carolina through her dad
  • Coaching kiteboarding students during the summer seasons during college
  • Moving to North Carolina after graduating college
  • Realizing the swimwear available to wear while kiteboarding was either cute or functional, but not both
  • Designing bikinis for active women to help them feel good and look good
  • Learning how to choose quality materials and how to sew using the fabrics swimwear is made of
  • Reaching out to connections and friends to help her get her business off the ground
  • Getting her first bikini sale through her network and connections made while kiteboarding
  • Learning how to believe in herself and be confident in her product as the face of her brand
  • Reaching milestones like a video going viral, getting picked up by Urban Outfitters, and being featured in Self magazine as the best two piece bathing suit that stays put
  • Empowering women in water sports to inspire a healthy lifestyle, to give back to the planet and create a product that does the least amount of harm, and to build an awesome product is the mission of Sensi Grave’s Bikinis
  • Looking ahead to launching a collaboration project, getting into retailers, and developing their video content
  • Finding inspiration from rad people doing rad things and from being in nature


“Give yourself a lot of self love and a lot of belief”