065 Discovering Your Marketing Personality Type with Brit Kolo

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit hangs out solo behind the mic to talk about her new website, MarketingPersonalities.com. Learn how she is helping you show up as yourself, how to connect you with your marketing strategy, and how to let go of the icky feelings that often come with marketing and sales.

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  • Getting slapped in the face with people saying marketing felt really fake and salesy
  • Realizing her clients didn’t feel the same way, in fact they felt authentic and at ease
  • Doing the work to figure out what made her approach to marketing different than what most people are experiencing
  • Marketing based on your ideal client is the problem
  • Considering your ideal client alone, you’re missing the part that is not only effective, but also feels good to you
  • Showing up as your best self as your marketing strategy is powerful and allows your ideal client to naturally gravitate toward you
  • Marketing based on your personality type is the solution and the piece that is constant between all of her clients
  • Giving this marketing personality framework room to live and breathe outside of her own computer
  • Feeling really good to provide this information to people (so meta!)
  • Creating this framework because we didn’t go into business for ourselves to feel fake and salesy
  • Believing that marketing should feel good and natural
  • Wanting to get involved in more speaking engagements to groups
  • Feeling so excited to share this with you!


“When you show up as your best self, that is magnetic.”