064 Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone with Devon Smiley

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Devon Smiley, Negotiation Consultant and Speaker at DevonSmiley.com. Devon works with her clients through 1:1 coaching and mentorship as well as through speaking engagements and masterclasses. Learn how she is helping her clients gain the skills to ask for whey want, need, and deserve by negotiating in a way that feels natural and good to them.

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  • Getting into negotiation through her supply chain management job when she realized vendor relations were heavily impacted by their contracts
  • Mentoring junior negotiators in her job as her first foray into coaching
  • Loving seeing the transformation in her mentees at her corporate job inspired her to take the leap to start her own business
  • Finding her voice outside of the corporate environment through blogging
  • Transitioning to full time business ownership with zero clients
  • Getting her first client through a Google search
  • Getting her next clients through networking and contributing in Facebook groups
  • Moving to Paris to work with startups
  • Going to as many networking events as possible to begin establishing herself as a startup negotiation expert in France
  • Managing extroverted events with her introverted tendencies
  • Understanding that more extroversion is a phase as she creates local relationships
  • Immersing herself in the French wine and coffee culture
  • Focusing her energy on networking and writing her book
  • Finding inspiration through her clients as a proud negotiation mama as well as art
  • Recommending resources on money mindset as well as a wealth of topics on her blog when digging into negotiation


“Get your butt off the couch, go out there, and meet some people.”