060 Having Fun in Business with Elle Drouin

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Elle Drouin, Product Stylist and Photographer at ElleDrouin.com. Elle is a multi-talented business owner and dog mama to @MochiAndTheCity on Instagram, serving her audience through membership in the Styled Stock Society and working with clients 1:1. Learn how she is using her background in marketing to create fun in her businesses.

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  • Studying business in college
  • Working in corporate finance and marketing consulting
  • Realizing the consulting model wasn’t working for her
  • Experimenting with different business models and finding herself attracted to a membership/subscription model
  • Polling her email list for what they were looking for and realizing her free stock photos were popular
  • Emailing the people on her list that downloaded her free stock photos and offering a membership to more stock photos
  • Raising the price and opening it up to her full list based on the success of her first launch
  • Getting better at photography by creating a branded Instagram for her dog, Mochi
  • Playing around with pricing and structure in her membership program to craft it into what it is today
  • Starting out with a targeted audience helped her sell her membership, not starting out with a cold audience
  • Creating Mochi’s Instagram account as a way to keep her dog pictures from taking over her personal profile
  • Growing Mochi’s audience through connecting with other dog owners, engaging with other accounts, and posting intentionally to match her brand voice
  • Feeling most comfortable behind the brand vs being the face of the brand
  • Embracing the notoriety of Mochi and her brand and having fun with it
  • Balancing each of her businesses strategically to maximize her energy and giving herself a week off every month to recharge
  • Finding inspiration from her surroundings, especially living in New York


“Get really specific.”