059 Turning a “No” into a Relationship with Cher Hale

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Cher Hale, Founder and Publicist at CherHale.com. Cher is a PR expert, working 1:1 to pitch her clients to podcasts. Learn how she built her businesses through experimentation, relationship building, and the power of persuasion.

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  • Running two businesses, CherHale.com to pitch clients to podcasts and the other where she teaches Italian and runs immersion retreats in Tuscany
  • Getting her feet wet in PR as an intern in college
  • Creating The Iceberg Project to teach others how to speak Italian as a way to hold herself accountable to learn Italian at the same time while studying abroad
  • Hosting retreats to create an immersive experience and deepen the connection between attendees and the Italian language itself
  • Getting her first retreat applicants by consistently telling her email audience that applications were open
  • Working with her former mentor as her first PR client pitching her to podcasts
  • Getting the confidence to host another retreat by treating the first one as an experiment and learning from it
  • Learning more about what to do/not to do when pitching podcasts from her first PR client
  • Sharing that her perseverance comes from a place of not giving herself any other option but to succeed
  • #MarketingThatFeelsGood for Cher is riffing and going with the flow and One Kind Thing each day for another person that doesn’t require reciprocation
  • Focusing on pitching podcasts and venturing into booking her clients for speaking gigs
  • Managing the PR business during retreats by having a co-director to share the load with and being organized as much as possible
  • Finding inspiration within her desire for freedom and seeing her client’s success from her work
  • Sharing how to gauge lead-time and her rule of thumb for pitching podcasts
  • How to set expectations for rejection and keep an open line of communication to turn a “no” into a “not right now”


“A no is just a no for a pitch, not a no for a relationship.”