058 Answering Your Questions with Brit Kolo

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit hangs out solo behind the mic, and answers your questions from the private Facebook group.

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  • Answering questions posed in the private Facebook group by members

Q1: What marketing foundations/plans and metric tracking should every business have in place?

  • Have a marketing plan in place AND a metric tracking process in place so you can know where the needle is moving forward in your business
  • Combining 3 tenets to create your marketing plan: You, Your Offering(s), Your Ideal Client
  • Placing the starting point of your marketing strategy at You first, then Your Offering(s), and THEN your Ideal Client
  • By doing this, you’re able to show up naturally and that’s #MarketingThatFeelsGood
  • When you show up naturally, your ideal clients are more magnetized and attracted to you
  • Examples of 4 people with different personality types, and what their naturally best and worst marketing strategies are
  • Track the things that directly drive profit in your business
  • Make time for tracking metrics each month and start to notice trends

Q2: How does Brit work her schedule?

  • Adjusting her time incrementally to get into an A/B schedule
  • On an A week, she does all of her calls, working IN her business
  • On a B week, she does things to work ON her business and that gives her the space to think creatively and work on growth as a coach
  • If the A/B schedule doesn’t feel like it will work for you, try batching your work first
  • Use time this Summer to be playful and experiment what will work for you!

Q3: What to do when your Inner Critic + Impostor Syndrome pop up?

  • Your Inner Critic shows her face when you’re pushing boundaries and upsetting the status quo
  • She’s there to keep you from danger, which is necessary, but you have to recognize when to put her in the backseat
  • You have the knowledge and experience that your Inner Critic does not have access to which means you are able to override her and move forward despite her


“You can do this, girlfriend. You totally can.”