057 Finding Your Story with Kay Fabella

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Kay Fabella, the Story Finder at KayFabella.com. Kay is a Brand Storyteller and Communication Strategist for entrepreneurs in the midst of a business pivot, working with her clients 1:1 and through online courses. Learn how she is helping business upgrade their story to help them pivot without confusing their audiences.

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  • Growing up as a second generation Filipina American in LA sparked her early interest in story telling
  • Learning that everyone has a story and that it deserves to be told from her mom early on
  • Sharing an example of how she helped a client shift her story from resonating with wantrepreneurs, into how she became a leader
  • Following the traditional college -> corporate job path led her to exploring life in Spain
  • Teaching English in Spain for a year led her to freelancing in order to gain experience for a Master’s degree program
  • Building her freelance portfolio grew into her business instead of a Master’s degree
  • Getting her first client by hosting a webinar on how to find your story on Facebook
  • Learning about Brand Storytelling and finding a way to call people up instead of calling them out
  • Attracting new clients through her strong, consistent personal brand and through referrals
  • How publishing consistent content is a long game
  • Working on a new 4 week group bootcamp called Master Your Message to help entrepreneurs find their “it” factor and messaging to attract customers that will resonate with their story
  • Finding inspiration in people that are dreamers and also action takers, who lead by example to make their visions a reality


“Clarity comes from taking action, not staying in your head.”