056 Experimenting in Your Business with Heidi Thompson

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Heidi Thompson, Founder at EvolveYourWeddingBusiness.com. Heidi is a Best Selling Author, and business and marketing strategist for wedding professionals, working with her clients through membership in The Wedding Business Collective. Learn how she is cultivating her membership site to fulfill her heart for service while still bringing in consistent revenue.

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  • Studying marketing for non-profits in college and falling in love with the events side of non-profits
  • Working as an assistant for a wedding planner
  • Moving to the UK
  • Learning how to market a traditionally undesirable product
  • Noticing a disconnect between what wedding business owners were doing and what people really wanted
  • Creating the Alternative Wedding Fair for couples who were looking for something a little different
  • Combining her love of marketing with her love of the wedding industry and coaching vendors
  • Moving her business online to serve people outside of her local community
  • Launching her online business with a summit and then working 1:1 with clients
  • Noticing patterns between her clients and using that to build her first course
  • Feeling disconnected from the people she was serving and wanting to be more involved led her to creating the membership site
  • Gaining new members consistently by offering a free 10 day trial
  • Retaining members through active engagement in the community, creating accountability, and cultivating relationships with her members
  • Focusing on teaching members about Instagram marketing at the moment
  • Looking forward to outsourcing her Facebook ads to an expert in that niche
  • Most inspired by freedom for herself, and in helping others achieve it as well


“There is so much information in a failure.”