054 Pitching Yourself with Brittney Lynn

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Brittney Lynn, Founder and PR Expert at BrittneyLLynn.com. Brittney is a PR Strategist, working with her clients 1:1, through PR intensives. Learn how she is helping small business owners pitch themselves strategically.

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  • Graduating with a PR degree
  • Starting her business managing social media accounts for clients
  • Shifted into PR organically as her clients had more PR needs
  • Getting her first social media management clients through a local meetup, picked strategically geared toward small business owners looking to learn about using social media
  • Getting into the PR side of her business when a person in a Facebook group posted looking for help
  • Growing the PR business through referrals and building relationships with her clients
  • Doing research before pitching yourself to determine if who you’re pitching truly aligns with your goals, and make it personal
  • Some advice for all the small business owners out there who do their own PR
  • Using a pitch template to get over the fear of pitching yourself
  • Working your way up to the big podcasts by pitching smaller ones first
  • Finding a connection to the person you want to pitch to vs cold-pitching only
  • Talking about her new PR Intensive service for business owners who need a customized crash course in PR, without a retainer fee
  • Partnering with a freelance journalist to run webinars that teach people how to get started on their own PR
  • Pitching as a way to sell yourself not just to media, but to potential clients as well


“Fail, and fail fast.”