053 Marketing Strategically with Lauren Black

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Lauren Black, Founder of Bosscation. Lauren is a graphic designer turned creative strategist , selling strategic planning guides to entrepreneurs. Learn how she is helping entrepreneurs deep dive into their businesses and gain clarity offline through her physical products.

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  • Recognizing her creative and entrepreneurial spirit at a young age
  • Getting her degree in Graphic Design
  • Pivoting into marketing design after college
  • Starting a side-hustle as a graphic designer with her mom
  • Leaving her day job to serve her clients full time
  • Coming up with the idea for Bosscation while taking her own time away to work ON her business
  • Getting her first client through a Facebook group
  • Growing her network through referrals from that first client
  • Pivoting into a new niche and realizing what she did and did not want out of her business
  • Running a live Beta session for Bosscation to make tweaks early on
  • Marketing through content very early on to launch Bosscation to a warm audience and become known for her strategy work
  • Sharing some ways to have a Bosscation
  • Finding inspiration through creation
  • Being challenged to create keeps her motivated, moving forward, and connected to her younger self


“I was following other people’s paths that looked shiny”

“I wish I had decided ahead of time what I wanted my business to look like in the future.”