051 A Deep Dive with Jenny Bork of Remembered Practice

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastWelcome to this entry of the Deep Dive Diaries – a series of articles, videos, and podcast episodes displaying the true power that happens within a Deep Dive Session with Brit Kolo.

As you might’ve guessed, within these sessions, we go deep. We dive into the core of who you are and work our way back up to the surface to align your marketing strategy with your core.

In this entry, we’ll dive in deep with Jenny Bork of Remembered Practice.

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About the Client:

Jenny is a licensed massage therapist in Grand Rapids, MI. Her work is based off of the belief that chronic pain, tension, and general disease in the mind and body are merely red flags that show up as a result of a disconnection from your true self.

About the Session:

Prior to every Deep Dive, I send a questionnaire for the client to complete. This questionnaire asks open-ended questions about how the client naturally shows up in their life, based on five key pillars:

  1. Personality type (according to the 16Personalities framework)
  2. How they spend their time
  3. Who influences them regularly
  4. Moments in time they remember fondly
  5. What motivates them

As soon as we connected for our Deep Dive Session, Jenny and I dove right into her answers to the questionnaire. We reviewed her answers openly and I asked a few more clarifying questions to both get to know the real Jenny better and for Jenny to get connected to her true self.

Through that conversation, we both began seeing strong patterns in Jenny’s life.

We found that Jenny has an innate craving for a deep understanding and harmony from within. This is exactly what she intends to uncover when working with her clients, so it didn’t surprise us that it was at the core of who she was as an individual.

The Ah-Hah Moment:

As I connected those dots for her, Jenny had her Ah-Hah Moment:

“The moment Brit showed me that my personal truths and values could also represent my business truths and core values. The way that I work with people is so in line with my beliefs and values about my own healing and for some reason I held the belief that personal and business had to be separate or different. It felt so liberating to know that I could incorporate the things that held so much value for me personally into my business and marketing. I love that freedom.” – Jenny Bork, Remembered Practice


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