050 Growing Organically with Abigail Hopkins

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Abigail Hopkins Co-Founder at That Clean Life. Abigail and her co-founder serve their clients through a subscription-based program for individuals and wellness professionals. Learn how she is revolutionizing meal planning.

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  • How eating real food transformed her life
  • Starting a food blog with real food recipes
  • Realizing the recipes themselves weren’t transformative, but eating real food consistently was
  • Posting her own easy-to-follow meal plans and grocery lists to grow her following and help people
  • Creating That Clean Life to allow people to access meal plans on a continual, monthly basis
  • Gaining credibility in the healthy food space with her background as a Registered Nurse and her own transformation story
  • Making the That Clean Life platform a completely customizable experience for her customers
  • Earning her first dollar from That Clean Life through intentional email list building by offering free meal plans during their first year in business
  • How finding success didn’t happen overnight, but came from strategic growth built slowly over time
  • Getting new people interested through content marketing in a weekly blog post and email newsletter
  • Extending the reach of the platform for wellness professionals to create meal plans for their clients
  • Nourishing her audience through educating them through their pain points, and truly building that know-like-trust factor
  • Working on getting grounded and looking for clarity on the big picture for That Clean Life in 2018
  • Journaling about the advice she gets to help get her re-grounded and decide next steps


“Buckle in, hold on tight, enjoy and savor the ride.”