049 Clarifying your Message with Adria DeCorte

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Adria DeCorte, Clarity Coach and Host of The Unforgettable Podcast. Adria works with her clients 1:1, through group programs, and courses. Learn how she is combining storytelling with relationship building to help entrepreneurs get clear on their messaging.

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  • Earning her living through helping entrepreneurs get clear on their messaging to their ideal clients
  • Listening to podcasts in her job as a botanist for the government and dreaming about entrepreneurship
  • Making herself more visible by hosting an in-person event, and getting zero clients from it
  • Using that experience to gain clarity in her own business
  • Realizing that other business owners needed clarity within their businesses too
  • Gaining her first clients as a Clarity Coach by running a challenge within her Facebook group and growing the relationships with her challenge participants from there
  • Continuing to gain new clients through relationship-building
  • Falling in love with storytelling to create transformational moments and seeking help to put herself out there
  • Auditioning and securing a spot to give a TEDx talk to hone that storytelling craft
  • Running her Stand Out Challenge to further build and create relationships with her audience
  • Launching her new Get Clear Get Clients course to give her clients a ‘best-of’ the things that consistently work for her 1:1 clients


“Take imperfect action.”

“Keep going, and allow that evolution to move you forward.”