048 A Deep Dive with Chris Emmer of Sweaty Wisdom

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastWelcome to this entry of the Deep Dive Diaries – a series of articles, videos, and podcast episodes displaying the true power that happens within a Deep Dive Session with Brit Kolo.

As you might’ve guessed, within these sessions, we go deep. We dive into the core of who you are and work our way back up to the surface to align your marketing strategy with your core.

In this entry, we’ll dive in deep with Chris Emmer of Sweaty Wisdom.

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About the Client:

Chris is a Designer and Strategist – a savvy, soulful female entrepreneur who knows her way around online business, always making it attractive to the eye and geared for success. She’s been hustling her heart out for her clients and straight up killin’ it on Instagram for a few years to the point where, any time someone has a question about Instagram, I automatically respond with, “Chris Emmer at Sweaty Wisdom. For the love of all that’s good, just go follow her!”

About the Session:

Prior to every Deep Dive, I send a questionnaire for the client to complete. This questionnaire asks open-ended questions about how the client naturally shows up in their life, based on five key pillars:

  1. Personality type (according to the 16Personalities framework)
  2. How they spend their time
  3. Who influences them regularly
  4. Moments in time they remember fondly
  5. What motivates them

As soon as we connected for our Deep Dive Session, Chris and I dove right into her answers to the questionnaire. We reviewed her answers openly and I asked a few more clarifying questions to both get to know the real Chris better and for Chris to get connected to her true self.

Through that conversation, we both began seeing strong patterns in Chris’ life.

Overall, Chris is a free spirit with a hunger for new, exciting adventures and challenges. She loves following her creativity and having variety in her work. Doing the same thing day after day would just not work for this girl.

The Ah-Hah Moment:

As I connected those dots for her, Chris realized that she had the permission and skill to go deeper with her audience, sharing with them not just surface-level online marketing tactics, but deeper-level topics relating to spirituality, openness, and mindset.

And that’s where her close relationships come from – the unique blend of savvy and soulful. Now, she can lean into those soulful topics a bit more, knowing it will attract the right people, already within her audience, to her coaching services.

And for Chris, knowing all we now know about her, it’s going to feel really good to open this deeper level of conversation up with those who are craving it too – her best, most ideal coaching clients.