045 Taking Focused Action with Vasavi Kumar

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Vasavi Kumar, Founder and Kick in the Pants Guide enroute to your desired destination at vasavikumar.com. Vasavi works with entrepreneurs to get clear on how to get their message out into the world while tackling impostor syndrome. She works with her clients through 1:1 coaching, as well as through workshops. Learn how she is helping entrepreneurs take the leap and put their work into the world.

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  • Learning about coaching while attending school to be a Social Worker
  • Getting her first clients by investing in education, trainings, and conferences right away
  • Attracting new clients by being herself and putting herself out there
  • Leaning into her strengths and energy by focusing on workshops more
  • Taking this year one day at a time to avoid planning overwhelm
  • Finding inspiration through seeing the best in everyone around her
  • Offering her free Focused Action video training at www.vasavikumar.com/focusedaction to help you take action


“Walk away from the computer and do something kind and loving for yourself right now.”