042 Prioritizing Fulfillment with Ashley Gartland

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Ashley Gartland, Founder and Business Coach for Women Entrepreneurs at AshleyMGartland.com. Ashley helps business owners simplify, working with clients 1:1 to achieve fulfillment and growth. Learn how she is helping her clients embrace freedom through simplicity.

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  •  Starting her freelance writing business right out of college
  • Leaving the writing industry to find fulfillment in her work
  • Learning how to be a coach by getting her Life Coach certification
  • Getting her first coaching clients through referrals
  • Building her client base by building relationships online through offering support and experimenting with new techniques
  • Experimenting with new offerings in 2018 through one month intensives and pop-up workshops
  • Coaching her clients through mindset shifts, delegating and setting boundaries, and simplifying
  • Teaching us how to work through to-do list overwhelm
  • Focusing on making sure her business supports her core values over massive growth
  • Building a priority-focused schedule
  • Being inspired by nature and helping clients truly see themselves


“Don’t do all the things. Trust yourself to choose the right next step for you.”