040 Stepping Away From the Scale and Listening to Your Body with Lucy Dunne

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Lucy Dunne, Founder and Fitness Coach at Dunnebells.com. Lucy is a results driven personal coach, working with her clients via online personal group training programs. Learn how she is teaching women all over the world not only how to eat effectively and exercise strategically, but to really listen to their bodies for maximum results.

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  • Leading transformation for women all over the world through her online programs
  • Gaining weight after moving from Australia to New York
  • Focusing on her health working on a ski hill in Canada
  • Trying #allthethings to balance the lifestyle she loved while maintaining her health
  • Showing up authentically on Instagram, using it as a personal journal before turning it into a business
  • Gaining her first paying client within minutes of making an offer for her services to her Instagram following
  • Gaining more clients by beta testing her programs and building her team ahead of launching new services to make everything run seamlessly and help her clients get proven results
  • Lucy’s no BS approach to incorporating health and fitness into living your best life
  • Starting a movement in collaboration with other entrepreneurs in the fitness industry across Canada to infuse the importance of mindset in 2018


“Let’s challenge ourselves and let each other lift versus tearing each other apart.”

“You can live an awesome life and also achieve your health and wellness goals.”

“Make sure that what you’re doing excites you and gets you pumped up.”