039 Hustling It Out as a Serial Entrepreneur with Melissa Alam

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Melissa Alam, Founder of Femme and Fortune, FearlessCon, and Hustle House. Melissa is a multi-passionate serial entrepreneur, who stands for feminism and hustling it out to get what you want. Learn how she is managing her three ventures and learning about herself as she goes.

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  • Hustling client work for the past five years through her design agency, Femme and Fortune
  • Former founder of The Hive; Philadelphia’s first female-only co-working space
  • Creating FearlessCon; an inspired conference for the driven female entrepreneur
  • Her recent venture is Hustle House; a beautiful physical space in Fishtown of Philly for entrepreneurs to “burn the midnight oil” and host smaller events
  • Finding an entrepreneurial streak within her at a young age
  • Watching her immigrant mother earn money through her own entrepreneurial ventures
  • Feeling completely out of place in the corporate world
  • Tried blogging, writing articles for other outlets, and sharing her work on social openly, which turned into her first paying client
  • Leveraging networking and in-person events throughout Philly to continue gaining new clients
  • Being someone who pulls the trigger as soon as she sees the opportunity
  • How Melissa has cultivated an abundant mindset through her past of living in many different places and having to start over many times
  • How building a legacy for herself and her name drives much of Melissa’s work
  • Recognizing her limitations with leading a team and systematizing her processes, but still trying to be better every day
  • What Melissa is hoping to delegate and outsource soon
  • Treating Pinterest as “self-care” because it stimulates her brain in a different way


“Go workout. Eat healthier. Rob a bank.” (Haha!)

“You have to trim the fat when it comes to business ideas that aren’t working.”

“You have to let toxic energy go – whether that be your business, a person in your life – you have to let that go to let good things come in.” – Melissa Alam