036 Embracing Your Strengths with Krista Rae

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Krista Rae, Strategic WordPress Developer and Founder of KristaRae.co. Krista is a super savvy web developer with the strategy know-how to make a website actually work for your business. Learn how she is partnering with web designers so she can do the developer work she loves most.

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  • Partnering with web designers, as opposed to doing the design herself
  • Diversifying her income with educational digital products and a co-owned WordPress theme shop
  • Starting a blog because of frustrations at her corporate job – Realizing she could go out and do this on her own!
  • Getting her first paying client on Pinterest by reaching out to a major influencer
  • Adjusting her content to better speak to her ideal designer client
  • Making her current clients super happy in order to get more clients
  • Preparing her business for maternity leave
  • Finding inspiration in quick wins
  • Organizing her systems so should could outsource tasks to her team

Krista Rae


“Talk to people.” – Krista Rae