033 Always Innovating with Shannon Larkins

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Shannon Larkins, Founder of Black Coffee Studio. Shannon is an experienced brand strategist, specializing in the luxury brand market. Learn how she is operating in her “zone of genius” as a Strategist and Creative Director, pulling together all the intricate parts of a project her highly-skilled team produces.

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  • Operating as a Creative Director, managing the parts of a big project, so she can stay in her zone of genius, which is strategy
  • Articulating a business’s story so it attracts the right client through its branding
  • Rebranding and focusing to specialize in the luxury brand market
  • Starting her independent work in communications then moving into brand strategy
  • Building relationships during her corporate career that then led to her business taking off quickly once she went full-time with it
  • How the entrepreneurial world is so far ahead of the corporate world
  • The power of having a focus on innovation
  • Writing for publications to get the word out about her business and her expertise
  • Creating a more accessible offering for younger businesses, which in turn helps her stay creative and innovative


“It’s not about your email list and pulling clients through a funnel. It’s about telling a story and making those personal connections.” – Shannon Larkins