030 Joining Forces for Creative Product Makers with Kelly and Caroline

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Kelly and Caroline, Hosts of The Creative Biz Rebellion Podcast. These two ladies are both creative product-based business owners of their own businesses who have joined forces to provide education and support to other product makers. Learn how they met, became instant biz besties, and are now running a thriving community and podcast on the side of their full-time businesses.

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  • How both Kelly and Caroline got started with their businesses within Etsy
  • Turning creative side hustles into full-time, thriving businesses
  • Huge thanks goes out to all the supportive husbands out there!
  • Improvement of health and quality of life by making big life changes
  • Transitioning from custom work to having distinct product lines
  • How Kelly and Caroline met each other in a Facebook Group and started this venture together
  • Monetizing their joint venture through online education
  • Managing the joint venture tasks so the work load is split evenly
  • Caroline’s newfound love of podcast producing and the birth of her new business


“Eyes on your own paper and just go.” – Kelly

“I spent time in the beginning worrying about competition and what other people were doing and once I shut all that off, everything took off.” – Kelly

“You need to sit down and plan.” – Caroline