026 Educating Your Audience as a Service-Based Expert with Annette Stepanian

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Annette Stepanian, your Legal BFF and Host of the Office Talk Podcast. Annette is a lawyer for entrepreneurs, making law and business easy to understand and practical so you can confidently start and grow your dream business. Learn how she is combining her passion for law and small business to teach other creative professionals and entrepreneurs how to streamline and law a proper legal foundation for their business.

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  • Part lawyer, part educator in all things legal for entrepreneurs
  • Finding the typical path of being partner at a law firm just did not fit for her
  • Crying tears of sadness when she got a raise was the sign something just isn’t right
  • Quitting her traditional career as a lawyer to take time off, travel, and decide what was next for her
  • Getting a “real life MBA” through her first company, a jewelry business
  • Seeing the need for access to legal education and resources for Creatives and small business owners
  • Relationships are everything.
  • Gained her first few clients by reaching out to people she knew she could help and cultivating intentional relationships
  • Educating her audience through webinars and her podcast, Office Talk, because her clients’ biggest frustration is “I don’t know what I don’t know”
  • Video ads seem to be a great platform for her right now
  • Finding the type and medium of content YOU like to produce and your clients enjoy consuming
  • Looking forward to offering a “Legal 360” review of small business’s legal foundations
  • Working with clients you genuinely love


“Work with what you’ve got because you’ve got a lot.” – Annette Stepanian