023 Just Saying Yes with Liz Strong

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Liz Strong, Founder of Lux & Vita. Liz is a spunky graphic designer, bringing light and life to her clients’ brands and websites. Learn how she is being intentional about who she works with and how she serves non-profits and Creatives.

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  • Seeing the need within non-profits for good design
  • Having no clear direction for her career
  • Being the girl to figure it out and get it done
  • Transferring from employee to contractor for the same company
  • Finding her initial traction within personal connections and word of mouth because she was VISIBLE about her move out of her full-time job
  • Additional growth through Facebook Groups by being genuinely helpful
  • Being intentional about allowing variety in her work without a strict niche
  • Embracing the “Creative” within us and truly enjoying the ebbs and flows of creation
  • Creating unique welcome guides for clients so they can be served that much better
  • Incorporating and prioritizing FUN into work


“Just say yes.” – Liz Strong

“Even if it doesn’t work out, you’re growing.” – Liz Strong