022 Thriving as a Heart-Centered Creative Entrepreneur with Reina Pomeroy

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Reina Pomeroy, Owner and Founder of Reina+Co and Co-Host of the Creative Empire Podcast. Reina is a Life + Biz Success Coach for creatives who are right brained and heart centered. Learn how she’s serving her clients, managing her projects, and thriving amidst it all.

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  • How Reina earns her living through several revenue streams
  • Where Reina and Christina got the idea to start the Creative Empire podcast
  • How Reina’s plan to go to law school pivoted to social work, to wedding and event planning, to business coaching
  • The moment Reina realized she had to stop the madness of a corporate job and do her own thing
  • Why it’s OKAY to let go of your first business to pursue your second
  • The ebb and flow of every entrepreneurial story
  • How Reina got her very first paying client and how amazing of an experience it was for both of them
  • How Reina gained traction within Facebook Groups to earn clients
  • The Social Glue Method, Reina’s genius strategy to being a valuable connector in her community
  • How Reina is growing her business now through “invitation-based” marketing
  • Reina’s new BOOK project! Releasing October 2017
  • How Reina manages all of the moving parts in her business
  • Showing your behind-the-scenes to continue to engage your clients and network

Reina Pomeroy


“When you’re serving the one person in front of you, you’ll make such a deep impact, and you’re going to be able to change lives that way.” – Reina Pomeroy