020 The Pressure to Be Perfect with Brit Kolo

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit hops on the mic solocast style to review all that was added into the MIYP brand during Season 2, preview what’s happening in Season 3, and spends some time speaking truth into the false pressure to be perfect BECAUSE of our businesses.

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  • THANK YOU to all Season 2 interviewees and listeners!
  • What we added to the MIYP Sisterhood during Season 2…
  • Heart-felt Monday emails, #TOPKNOTTRAINING, and Open Q&A calls
  • Getting real about this pressure to be perfect
  • Speaking truth into the false pressure to be perfect
  • How Brit’s adding in a Group Coaching element to her marketing coaching business
  • Get ready for a stellar Season 3!


“‘Perfect’ is not real life.”