018 Allowing Your Blog to Be a Blog with Ashley Cowles

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Ashley Cowles, Founder and Blogger at TheSmallTownFoodie.com. Ashley is a passionate food blogger who has created a beautiful food blog without turning it into a business just yet. Learn how she has intentionally structured her blog to simply be a fulfilling passion project and why she’s not monetizing it just yet.

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  • Working a full-time job she LOVES while growing her passion project blog
  • What got Ashley interested in food blogging
  • Being scrappy in the beginning to build and design her own website
  • Learning as she went and being open to the direction of her blog
  • Backing off the bandwagon of “QUIT YOUR JOB” and allowing her blog to be a blog
  • As you’re starting a blog, find blogs you like and identifying why you like them
  • Building your community through your blog
  • The recipe blogging process
  • Not caring about the numbers when you know it’ll just stress you out


“Focus on what’s right for you.” – Ashley Cowles