014 Planning, Pivoting, and Podcasting with Amanda Boleyn

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Amanda Boleyn, Founder and Host of the She Did It Her Way Podcast. Amanda is a freelance consultant and podcast host of one of Brit’s favorite podcasts. Learn how she is building her network, growing her movement, and realigning herself and her business for future growth.

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  • Why Amanda started the She Did It Her Way Podcast
  • How the podcast fits into her regular freelance consulting gigs
  • Leaning into a huge growth season, personally and professionally
  • Pivoting toward monetization when it’s time
  • The REAL emotional depth and growth of entrepreneurship
  • Why and how Amanda left her legit corporate job at Target for a “bridge job” to eventually be her own boss
  • Amanda’s story on the Courage + Clarity Podcast with Steph Crowder
  • How Amanda started and grew the She Did It Her Way podcast through her current personal network
  • The Fascinate Quiz by Sally Hogshead – Amanda and Brit are both “Maestros”
  • Amanda’s Next Move – The She Did It Her Way SUMMIT! October 2017 in Chicago!


“Once you have that plan and you create that WHY of what you’re doing, that’s what inspires you and motivates you to continue moving forward.” – Amanda Boleyn