012 Building a Simple, Yet Thriving Online Coaching Business with Rachel East and Kristen Walker

Now broadcasting the Marketing Personalities PodcastIn this episode of the Marketing in Yoga Pants Podcast, Brit interviews Rachel East and Kristen Walker, co-founders of Clarity on Fire, a life and career coaching site for Millennials that provides clarity and inspiration to people who know what they don’t want in work and in life, but have no idea what they’d rather be doing. They are also the creators of The Passion Profile Quiz, a free online resource which has helped more than 200,000 people pinpoint the intersection between their passion and career. They’ve been featured online at major outlets like Time, Fast Company, Business Insider, and Forbes for their expertise on Millennials and their proven ability to help people create a passionate career and life.

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  • Long-time friends turned business partners
  • Simultaneously building their business WHILE they were going through coaching training
  • Being super scrappy to get their business off the ground
  • Getting the training they needed, but still starting a business before they were “ready”
  • How they turned a training exercise into their first paying clients
  • Writing content on other blogs and publications to drive traffic to their business
  • The difference between showing up and genuinely offering help and showing up to make money
  • Quitting their jobs too early and finding the value of a “bridge job”
  • Doing what you have to do until it works
  • Finding the piece of the conversation that still isn’t being talked about and creating a solution to it
  • Developing a quiz that took their email list to a few hundred to over 20,000 subscribers in 3 years
  • Sending traffic to the quiz through their own blog content and writing for other publications
  • Pick something that you want to be sustainable and consistent with
  • Recurring revenue from evergreen online course, allowing for a higher quality of service to their smaller client list
  • Intentionally creating a simple business model
  • Balancing their business partnership dynamics


“If you consistently show up and then offer something of value, you’ll be surprised at how many people are interested and take note.” – Rachel
“There are way more people needing help than people showing up to offer the help.” – Rachel
“Stop looking for proof that it’s going to work. There is no proof that it’s going to work… trust that if you continue to be consistent, that eventually, it will pay off.” – Rachel
“Don’t assume that if something hasn’t worked yet that it isn’t going to work at all.” – Kristen